Play Descent II with D2X-Rebirth

Descent 2 OpenGL with D2X-Rebirth engine.Descent 2 is, like it's predecessor quite playable with DOSBox. But again, the resolution is very low. Guess what? There's also a source port available for Descent II and it's called D2X-Rebirth! All information can be found on the project page:

So, in short, what do you need to play Descent II on Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista or XP in any resolution?

Installation of D2X-Rebirth

  • Download and open D2X-Rebirth program files in zip file
  • Copy the contents of that zip file to a folder of choice, for example f:\Games, after which the D2X files are in:
    • Version 0.58 or earlier: f:\Games\d2x-rebirth_v0.xx.x-win (see image)
    • Version 0.60 (beta) or later: f:\Games\D2X-Rebirth
  • D2X Rebirth - data files of the original Descent 2 game.Create a folder called data in the D2X-Rebirth folder (where also the missions folder is)
  • Get the Descent 2 game data files:
    • Download the Descent II demo files (PC interactive demo)
    • Do you have the original CD-Rom? You'll find the game files - except the Movies (*.mvl) - archived in the file DESCENT2.SOW on the Descent2 CD-Rom in the D2DATA folder. This is an ARJ-archive and can be extracted with WinRAR or 7Zip or by installing the game on a 32 bit Windows or DOS system. If you want to install the original game on a 64 bit version of Windows, use DOSBox.
  • Copy the following Descent II game data files to the data folder:
    • Demo version: D2DEMO.HAM, D2DEMO.HOG, D2DEMO.PIG
  • Read the README-D2X.txt file from the D2X-Rebirth zip file for additional information about mission packs, addons, multiplayer etc.
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Start and configure D2X-Rebirth

  • Start the game by double clicking the d2x-rebirth.exe file in the D2X-Rebirth folder, in this example:
    • Version 0.58 or earlier: f:\games\d2x-rebirth_v0.xx.x-win\d2x-rebirth.exe
    • Version 0.60 (beta) or later: f:\Games\D2X-Rebirth\d2x-rebirth.exe
  • Select options in the main menu.
    • Select Screen resolution..., select the desired resolution, press the space bar and press escape to return to the options menu.
    • Select Graphics options..., set texture filtering to anisotropic, check these checkboxes: transparancy effects, colored dynamic light, vsync, 4x multisampling. Press escape twice to return to the main menu.

Descent II: The Vertigo Series

A year after the release of Descent II, an expansion pack with new missions and enemies was released: The Vertigo Series. You can play these missions too with the D2X-Rebirth engine!

  • You have D2X-Rebirth operational (see above)
  • Copy the following Vertigo game files to the data folder: d2x-h.mvl and/or d2x-l.mvl, hoard.ham
  • Copy the following Vertigo game files to the missions folder: d2x.hog, d2x.mn2

When you start D2X-Rebirth, you can choose between the Counterstrike (original) and Vertigo missions.

Youtube tutorial

Wanna see how to play Descent 2 on Windows 10? Check out our Youtube vid:

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