Wolfenstein 3D on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP in high resolution.Wolfenstein 3D. The game that started it all. Everyone knows it. Everyone has played it. Although you can play the game just fine with DOSBox, it might be nice if there's a version that works on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP. Guess what? It exists! There's a (shareware) version available that runs directly on Windows XP, but for Windows Vista and up you'll need a source port. A lot of source ports exist for Wolfenstein 3D, but we ended up playing the game with Wolf4SDL, a simple port to play this classic in high resolution on the latest Windows systems, both 32 and 64 bits. It's rather hard to configure the port, but it's very stable.

Install the original game

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    Install or copy the original Wolfenstein 3D game data files (from the full 1.4 version) or Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny (full version) data files to a folder, for example c:\games\wolf3d
  • The data files have the following extensions:

    • .WL1 - Wolfenstein 3D shareware version (episode 1 only)
    • .WL6 - Wolfenstein 3D full version (episode 1 to 6)
    • .SOD - Wolfenstein 3D Spear of Destiny demo and full version
  • If you have the original installation files, install the game with DOSBox, or extract the archive file(s) (usually the .1 file) with WinRAR.
  • If you don't have the game at all, get your copy on Steam!

Download and install the Wolf4SDL files

  • If you have Wolfenstein 3D, full 6 episode version 1.4 released by GT/ID/Activision:
    Download the Win32 binary for full 1.4 Activision version
  • If you have Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny full version (or one of the extra missions):
    Download the SOD Win32 binary for Full version
  • Wolfenstein 3D on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP in high resolution.Copy the Wolf4SDL.exe or SoD4SDL.exe file from the downloaded zip file into the Wolfenstein 3D installation folder, in this case c:\games\wolf3d
  • Download the SDL and SDL_mixer DLLs (SDL_and_SDL_mixer-win32.zip), which are required for the Windows versions!
  • Copy the DLL files from the downloaded zip file into the Wolfenstein 3D installation folder, in this case c:\games\wolf3d

Start and configure Wolfenstein 3D

  • Start the game by double clicking the Wolf4SDL.exe file
  • Check sound settings in the main menu of the game

Configure Wolf4SDL

Configuration options for Wolf4SDL cannot be set in the game (yet) and need to be added as parameters to the Wolf4SDL.exe file. If you want to start the game in a window and/or with a specific resolution, this is how:

  • Wolf4SDL configuration through shortcut.Open the README.txt file from the Wolf4SDL zip file you downloaded. You can find the available parameters at the Usage section
  • Create a shortcut to the Wolf4SDL.exe file by right clicking on the Wolf4SDL.exe file and choosing Create shortcut
  • Right click on the created shortcut file and choose Properties
  • Click on the Shortcut tab
  • You can append parameters to the filename in the Target field. Examples:

    • Start Wolfenstein 3D in a 1280x960 window with mouse:
      Target: c:\games\wolf3d\Wolf4SDL.exe --windowed-mouse --res 1280 960

    • Start Wolfenstein 3D with a resolution of 1920x1080 in full screen:
      Target: c:\games\wolf3d\Wolf4SDL.exe --resf 1920 1080

    • Start Wolfenstein 3D: Spear of Destiny, mission 2, disabling copy protection:
      Target: c:\games\wolf3d\Sod4SDL.exe --mission 2 --goodtimes 
Comments from the retro community
Colines · 03-01-2014 · 06:10 CET · [#]
Hey. I love Wolfenstein 3D and you have done a great work guiding us on how to make these games run in modern PC's; but are you guys sure about this source port? There is the NewWolf, it supports High Textures and 3D models. So... Why not this great engine?
DOSGamers · @DOSGamers · 06-01-2014 · 00:10 CET · [#]

We're sure! NewWolf is a great port, but it doesn't seem to support wide screen resolutions. Furthermore, when blown up to HD proportions, the graphics look fuzzy, even with "hi-res" textures. We've tried to edit the NewWolf config file to improve graphics, but so far without success. The NewWolf auto map is really cool though!

WedgeBob · 24-02-2014 · 22:35 CET · [#]
I was wondering... I'm curious how to add the -goobers extension for Wolf4SDL using this. I was curious if this was even an option with this port at all.
DOSGamers · @DOSGamers · 28-02-2014 · 01:08 CET · [#]
Well, it does seem to work! You need to append the --goobers parameter to the filename in the target field of your shortcut (as described on this page); for example "c:\games\wolf3d\Wolf4SDL.exe --resf 1920 1080 --goobers". For Spear of Destiny you can use --debugmode; for example "c:\games\wolf3d\Sod4SDL.exe --resf 1920 1080 --debugmode"
Abe · 08-04-2014 · 23:46 CET · [#]
There are scratchy sounds with most effects. The worst one is the open key, spacebar. How can I fix my sound? I'm running windows 7 64-bit.
DOSGamers · @DOSGamers · 17-04-2014 · 14:17 CET · [#]
I can't find anything on this issue with the Wolf4SDL port. Sound problems on Win 7 or 8 often seem to be related to high DPC latency caused by a specific process or program, or conflicting hardware devices...
Alex · 24-06-2014 · 11:52 CET · [#]
I have a problem.
" Wolf4SDL was not compiled for these data files:
vgahead.wl6 contains a wrong number of offsets (159 instead of 150)!

Please chech whether you are using the right executable !
(For mod developers: perhaps you forgot to update NUMCHUNKS?)

And i did like you said,but it didn't work...
DOSGamers · @DOSGamers · 24-06-2014 · 12:07 CET · [#]
Perhaps you are using the Apogee version of Wolfenstein 3D? The hosted Wolf4sdl exe doesn't work with that version, only with the Activision/ID/GT one. Unfortunately, the Wolf4sdl project home page doesn't exist anymore and we don't have the Apogee Wolf4sdl exe...
good · 02-08-2014 · 00:26 CET · [#]
is yours an apple i got the same today apple is crap
good · 02-08-2014 · 00:24 CET · [#]
just found out that you can get it on windows

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