Best C64 game ever?

Impossible Mission all roomsThis is most probably the best game released for Commodore 64 ever. Why? Impossible Mission is a game that is never the same. Each time you start the game, the 32 rooms and 8 elevators are in different positions, the puzzle pieces you need to find are in different locations and the puzzles you need to solve to retrieve the password (to open the door to the final room) consist of different pieces. It's just brilliant. Not to mention the synthesized voice which welcomes you when you start your adventure: Another visitor! Stay a while, stay forever!

So, what it's about really?

Impossible Mission roomSaving the world from Dr. Elvin Atombender! Because he's a mad genius. And those people are dangerous. To complete the game, you need to find 36 puzzle pieces, and solve 9 puzzles. A puzzle consisting of 4 pieces? That's easy! Yeah, right. Wait until you've seen the pieces. And you may need to change their orientation and/or color to match and solve them. The puzzle pieces are hidden in the furniture, which you can find scattered in the rooms. Those rooms are guarded by robots, which behave differently every time you start a new game. Fortunately each room has a computer in it, which you can use to activate a pass card to either temporarily stop robot movement (snooze) or reset the lifts to their original position. These pass cards also can be found in the furniture, or earned in the 2 rooms with chess like boards. Objective there is to repeat the randomly played notes from low to high. The first earned pass card is always a reset lift card. Which you probably won't need.

Solve the puzzles!

Impossible MissionWhen you have found all the puzzle pieces (just count them!), you can begin solving the puzzles with your PDA. You can access the PDA near the elevator by standing still and press the fire button. As said, the puzzles consist of 4 pieces each, but you may need to change their colour and/or orientation. For each solved puzzle, you get a letter. Solve all 9 puzzles and you have a 9 letter password, which can be swordfish, asparagus, artichoke, crocodile, alligator, albatross, butterfly or cormorant (nice to know, but you still need to solve the puzzles) and you'll be able to access the room where Atombender is hiding. Your PDA also has a phone (or a modem or whatever it is) which you can use to check if a puzzle piece has a correct orientation, or if there are enough puzzle pieces to solve a puzzle. Pretty useless and time consuming. If you think you've solved a puzzle and nothing happens, just flip it horizontally and vertically a couple of times. And yes, there is a deadline. You have 6 hours to complete the mission. Each time you die, 10 minutes are deducted from the remaining time. But no worries. Eventually you will be able to complete the game within 1 hour (real time).

Play the game!

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The End screen

To see the end screen, which you'll see when you've found Atombender, click here.