Goal of the game

Mr. Robot and His Robot FactoryAs Mr. Robot, you have to collect all power pills (which are stored in the floor) to proceed to the next level. The game has 22 levels of increasing difficulty. There is a time limit of 99 seconds for each level. When time runs out, you lose a life. You'll also lose lives when you run into a living fire, you fall too deep or off the screen or when you stand on a bomb when it explodes. thinks: Great platformer

Mr. Robot is a great platform game, it combines elements of other classics like Pac Man and Donkey Kong. On top of that it has all kinds of other exciting elements in it like trampolines, bombs, lifts, teleports and magnets. However, the motivation to finish all levels is taken away by the F3 key with which you can skip to the next level. What really makes the game interesting though is that you can create your own levels with the Robot Factory, which guarantees hours of fun, especially when you exchanges levels with your friends.

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