Goal of the game

Rescuing Jane of course! But you have to run a loooong way to get her. And as many women do, Jane loves useless gadgets and shiny jewelry. That stuff is scattered across the game and you have to pick it all up. The game manual states that Jane is taken prisoner by Usanga, chief of the Wamabo, because their gemstones (called The Eyes of the Rainbow) have been stolen. Tarzan needs to return them, otherwise Jane will be sacrificed.


This is one of those games that will only be fun to play if you like drawing maps. Because Tarzan is too frustrating to play long enough to know your way through the labyrinths of the jungle. So here's the map!

Tarzan C64 Map

Along your way you need to pick up all kinds of junk, which is packed in little boxes. Some of it you actually need, like the rope (to cross wide swamps) and the torch (to light up dark caves). It is unsure what the other items are for. It seems that you can only use them by dropping them again. Apart from this you also find 7 gemstones. You can ofcourse use them as an excuse to Jane for being away so freakin' long, but the game manual states that those are "The Eyes of the Rainbow".

It's good to know that in some screens the jungle scenery changes when you enter the screen for the second time. Just keep your eye on the passages and things will work out fine. Also remember that you can't enter the skull shaped rock when it's night. So wait for dawn (purple sky). As said, pick up all stuff, but there's one box with a snake in it. Leave it. If you do pick up the snake, it will drain your life fast. If you want to try: dumping stuff works the same as picking stuff up (press fire button and up). A banana will appear with which you'll choose the item to dump.

The ending is, as many endings of cool games from the past, truly amazing *ugh*. But even with this map it's rather hard to get there. There's also a deadline. You have 3 days to finish the quest. Each day has 4 parts, indicated by 4 colors. Green for day, light blue for twilight, dark blue for night and purple for dawn. When the fourth day begins, the game's over. When you're out of energy, 1 day will pass. So you can loose your energy only twice.

Play Tarzan on Windows 11, Windows 10 or older

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