CCS64 C64 emulator

With the latest updates of version 3, the CCS64 emulator is one of the better Commodore 64 emulators available for Windows PCs.

CCS64 Commodore 64 emulator.

  • Latest version 3.9.3 (15 November 2021)
  • Works on Windows 11, Windows 10 and older (32/64 bits)
  • Emulates Commodore 64
  • Needs DirectX 9.0c
  • Supports .T64, .TAP tape image files, .D64, .G41 and .G64 disk image files, .PRG, .P00 program files
  • Comments: With a well organized options menu you can configure everything you want. Only the savegames are quite large (1MB). The sound driver seems completely occupied by CCS64, because it ignores all other sources of sound when the CCS64 window is focused. But sound is stable.
  • Project website

Install and configure CCS64

Make sure DirectX 9.0 is installed

Download and install CCS64

  • Download CCS64 (zip file)
  • Copy the contents of the CCS64 zip file to an empty folder of choice
  • Start setup.exe and follow instructions to install CCS64

Start and configure CCS64

  • Start CCS64 from the windows start menu (Start - All programs - Computerbrains - CCS64)
  • While in CCS64, click on Options and choose Input
  • Set Control Port 1 to Joystick (default)
  • Set Control Port 1 - Mode to Keyset 1 for use with your keyboard
  • Set up desired control keys for Joystick by selecting Define Joystick keyset..., close with Esc
  • To change emulator resolution or switch to full screen:
    • Just resize the window by dragging the right corner
    • Or click on Options and on Video...
    • At Screen Mode choose Window (2x, 3x) for a windowed display or any of the resolutions for a full screen display
    • You can change video mode at any time by pressing ALT and V

Play Commodore 64 games with CCS64 on Windows 11, Windows 10 and older

So, what to do to play C64 games with CCS64?

  • Download a C64 game, for example Impossible Mission
  • Copy the content of the game zip file to a folder of choice
  • Start the game in CCS64 with File - Load and Run..
  • When the controls you've set up don't work, try swapping the Joystick ports with ALT+F10 (Joystick port 1 becomes port 2 and vice versa)

Video modes and full screen

You can also choose from many video modes in the options menu. When you're not able to return to the video options after selecting a high resolution (and CCS64 runs in full screen), press ALT+V and choose the "Window x2" mode.