Play Another World / Out of this World

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition for Windows 10.Many of you DOS Gamers remember this classic. With its fluent animations and great cinematic intermezzos, this wonderful game is hard to forget. You are a young genius physicist, who works on his experiment using a particle accelerator, attempting to reconstruct what happened when the universe was born. Well, you know what happens next. The original game is a DOS game, so you can play it with DOSBox. But there's also a remake, released in 2006 (15th Anniversary Edition) and 2013 (20th Anniversary Edition), made by Eric Chahi / Digital Lounge / Headup Games.

Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition for Windows

You can download a copy of the remake: Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition. You'll get the original game, with high-resolution graphics, remastered sound and the option to switch back to the original artwork. It also includes the extra level, as well as the added enemies and hazards from the console versions. Play this wonderful cinematic classic again with the power of todays' hardware!