Blake Stone - Aliens of Gold / Planet Strike on Windows 10

Everybody remembers Wolfenstein 3D, the game that really set off the 3D gaming business, but shortly after that game was released, another 3D game emerged: Blake Stone. This game uses the Wolfenstein 3D engine and therefore looks quite similar, but its story takes place in the future, and you'll have to face quite some different enemies: from human conscripts to genetically engineered mutants.

Play Blake Stone again on Windows 10

Since Blake Stone is a DOS game, you can of course play Blake Stone with DOSBox fine. If you own the game. There's also a source port available for Blake Stone, to play the game in high resolution on Windows 10, MacOS and Linux. Although it's out there for quite a long time, we haven't tried that one yet. We didn't need to, as we have downloaded a copy of Blake Stone from, which can be played directly on Windows, Linux or MacOSX. Go ahead and try it! They have both Aliens of Gold, as well as its sequel Planet Strike.

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