Play Chasm: The Rift with PanzerChasm

Chasm: The Rift on Windows 10.Released in 1997 for DOS, Chasm was kind of an unknown first person shooter. It looks a lot like Quake, its enemies have more details than those of Quake, but Chasm misses a true 3D environment. Although the game plays just fine with DOSBox, there's also a source port for Windows available called PanzerChasm, which allows you to play Chasm: The Rift on Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7. However, the CD music seems not to be working, and the OpenGL rendering option is quite buggy. Nevertheless, it allows you to play Chasm: The Rift in super high resolutions on Windows 11 and Windows 10 and older.

Download and install Chasm: The Rift with PanzerChasm

  • Download PanzerChasm
  • Copy the contents from the downloaded zip file into an empty folder of choice, for example d:\games\chasm
  • Install or download the Chasm: The Rift game
  • Copy the CSM.BIN file from the original game into the folder you've created, in this example you'll end up with d:\games\chasm\CSM.BIN
  • Run the game by double clicking PanzerChasm.exe

Configure and play the game

  • In the main menu, select options
    • At controls... you can set up the keys to use in the game
    • At video... you can set the resolution and switch to full screen
    • At Graphics... you can switch the renderer to OpenGL (which is buggy) and set up OpenGL settings
  • To play the game, go to the main menu and select New
  • Enjoy!