Play Colonization

FreeCol: modern Colonization remake.Released in 1994 for DOS, Colonization is one of Sid Meier's most loved creations. You control colonial forces of one of four European countries and you set out to colonize the New World. If you still have the original game, Colonization is of course perfectly playable with DOSBox. But there's also an unofficial remake available, called FreeCol.

FreeCol: modern Colonization remake

FreeCol aimes to recreate Colonization, but greatly enhances its visual presentation. It also adds some new features, but the gameplay and rules are the same as the original Colonization game. You can download FreeCol here. For Windows, you need the Windows installer.

Play the original Colonization game on Windows and Mac

You can also head over to and download the original Colonization game. It works directly on your modern Windows or Mac computer!