Command & Conquer 1 Gold - 1.06 patch

Command & Conquer Gold on Windows 10.Conceived during the development of Dune II, this instant classic was highly anticipated. With reason! Everything you liked in Dune II is in this game, and lots, lots more! You fight for world domination with either the "good" Global Defense Initiative or the "bad" Brotherhood of NOD. Your only source of income is Tiberium. Well, you know the game. Released as freeware in 2010, the community has patched the game to play on 64 bits Windows systems.

As an alternative, you can also play Command & Conquer with the OpenRA source port.

Known bugs

The patched game has some graphical issues concerning missions that are smaller than the game resolution, typically the first 2 missions. You're still able to play the game though. Also, when playing in any resolution higher than 640x400, you can't place buildings with a placement height of only one cell on the lowest row of cells on the map.

Windows 10/11 issues

First, make sure you have DirectX 9 and DirectPlay installed. When running on a 64 bits version of Windows 10/11, the game could generate an error like Instruction at 000003cd referenced memory at 000003cd and refuses to shut down properly. Shortly after, you lose control over the mouse, so you'll have to find a way to the Task Manager with short keys and end the task manually. Here's how to do that:

  • Press CTRL and Shift and Esc together to enter Task Manager
  • Press Tab to highlight the Name tab (it'll turn light blue)
  • Navigate to the Main executable for C&C Gold with the arrow keys
  • Press the application key on your keyboard (next to the right CTRL key)
  • Choose End task with the arrow keys and press enter

Command & Conquer remastered edition 2020

You can also download the remastered version of Command & Conquer. Fight your battles in 4K resolution! Includes expansion packs and bonus footage.