Command & Conquer Red Alert 1

Command & Conquer: Red Alert on Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.You all know this wonderful successor of Command & Conquer. Perhaps you can get your Red Alert CDs running with DOSBox or Windows 95 in a virtual environment. However, Red Alert has been released as freeware in 2008, so the community has built a wonderful installer that should work on the latest versions of Windows, including Windows 10. Whether you own an original copy, or you have a downloaded ISO somewhere, or you don't have the game at all, the installer is prepared for all these situations. Here we go:

How do I download and install Red Alert 1?

  • Go to and download the Red Alert installer
    • For online play only, press the "download and play online" button
    • For the single player campaign, scroll down and click the "view all downloads" button and choose "Full game (windows)" from the pull down menu
  • Run the installer
  • To find out which parts to install or download, press the Help button
  • When the game is installed, take a minute to read the FAQ
  • When done, press the Finish button

How do I run and configure Red Alert 1?

  • Double click the desktop icon to run the game, or double click the RA95Launcher.exe file in the Red Alert installation folder
  • Press the settings button and check whether the video settings are ok:
    • Adjust the resolution
    • To run in a window, check the "Run in windowed mode" checkbox
  • Start playing!
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