OpenRA: Command and Conquer in high resolution

Command & Conquer on Windows 10 with OpenRA.OpenRA is a source port originaly created for Red Alert, but it also supports the first Command and Conquer game, also known as "Tiberian Dawn". OpenRA's primary focus is enabling cross-platform multiplayer games. You can however play some (rebuilt) single player levels and of course choose skirmish where you can play one of the multiplayer maps against the computer.

Download, install and run OpenRA

So how can you play Command and Conquer with OpenRA?

  • Download and install OpenRA
  • Start OpenRA
  • When OpenRA starts for the first time, you can choose a mod. Choose the one on the right, which is Command and Conquer: Tiberian Dawn. When you've already installed OpenRA, click on the Mods button to choose another mod.
  • OpenRA needs the original Command and Conquer files, but has a built-in downloader:
    • Click on the Install assets button
    • Click on the Download button
    • When an error message appears, click on the Download button again and (if you're lucky) another mirror will be used.
  • Play the game!