Play Day of the Tentacle (DOTT)

Day of the Tentacle Remastered for Windows 10.Day of the Tentacle is the official sequel of Maniac Mansion, but in all its greatness it's just a classic on its own. The protagonist of the game, Bernard Bernoulli, needs to stop purple tentacle from taking over the world. He gets help from Hoagie and Laverne. Day of the Tentacle was the eighth Lucasarts game that uses the Scumm interface/engine. Day of the Tentacle is a DOS game, so it runs in DOSBox. But you can also use ScummVM to play the game. And there's a remake, released in 2016, made by Double Fine Productions, a studio from co-creator of the original game, Tim Schafer.

Day of the Tentacle Remastered for Windows 11 and older

You can download the official remake of Day of the Tentacle. The original game, with updated artwork, sound and music. What are you waiting for? Go save the world from the evil purple Tentacle! Like the game from 1993, it also contains a full working version of Maniac Mansion!