Play Dune II The Building of a Dynasty with Dune Legacy

Dune 2 for Windows 10, Windows 7 and 8 high resolution.All time classic! Revolutionary strategy game on which several succesful games are based, like the Command & Conquer series and Warcraft. Although still playable with DOSBox, the game features a primitive control set. For example, selection of multiple units isn't possible. To attack your enemy you first need to press the attack button (or corresponding hotkey). Quite cumbersome for such an important move. Fortunately for us, some people have spent time to rebuild the Dune II engine under the name "Dune Legacy" (which might change due to copyright issues). The engine supports multiple unit selection and control, high resolution and multiplay.

What do you need to play Dune II on Windows 11 or Windows 10 with the Dune Legacy engine?

Basic needs

  • Search for and download Dune II
  • Install the original Dune II game or unzip the downloaded file
  • You'll need the .PAK game files from the original game

Installation of Dune Legacy

  • Download Dune Legacy 0.96.4 (Dune Legacy 0.96.4 Setup.exe)
  • Install Dune legacy, by right clicking the installation file and chosing "run as administrator"
  • During the installation, you'll be asked for the .PAK game files of the original Dune II game
  • Finish the installation

Start and configure Dune Legacy

  • Start Dune Legacy by either clicking the start menu item, or double clicking the dunelegacy.exe file in the Dune Legacy folder
  • Click on Options in the Dune Legacy main menu
  • Select the appropriate resolution
  • To make the units larger, select Zoomlevel x3
  • To make the units smaller, select Zoomlevel x1
  • To get the "classic DOS look" of Dune II, select ScaleNN

Help! The screen looks like it only supports 16 colors!

This has been noticed when Dune Legacy starts in full screen with an NVidia card. Quick solution is to find your way to the options and disable full screen.

  • Click Options in the main menu
  • Uncheck Full Screen
  • Click on Apply