Play Flashback with Reminiscence

Flashback on Windows 10.Released in 1992 for the Amiga, Flashback was an instant hit. It was Prince of Persia on steroids and the cinematic scenes pushed the game to another level. Although the game plays just fine with DOSBox, you can also download the 25th Anniversary version of Flashback from It runs great on your latest Windows rig. There's also a source port for Windows available called Reminiscence, which allows you to play Flashback on Windows 11 and Windows 10. You can also save your games. However, if you would like to hear the music you'll have to get hold of the Amiga sound files (?!). Anyway, this is how you get things going:

  • Download Reminiscence, the Flashback engine (SDL/win32 binary)
  • Extract the downloaded file into an empty folder of choice, for example d:\games\flashback
  • Copy the data folder with al its files from the original game into the folder you've created, in this example you'll end up with d:\games\flashback\data
  • Run the game by double clicking rs.exe
  • If you like to play the game full screen, press ALT and Enter

Download Flashback for Windows and OSX

Don't want the hassle of configuring a source port as described above? Just download the complete version of Flashback, install it, and run it on your latest Windows or Mac computer. This Flashback 25th anniversary edition is a re-release with modern graphics, but if you don't like those, you can also play the game with the original graphics from the 90's.