Play One Must Fall 2097 with OpenOMF

One Must Fall 2097.One Must Fall 2097 (OMF) was released in 1994 and quite unique for that time, as the game is a lot less violent than other games like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. The fighters in One Must Fall control huge robots which battle in an interactive arena. Of course, you can play the original fine with DOSBox. But there's also a source port available that runs directly in Windows 11 and Windows 10, and you can play the game in any resolution you want. It's called OpenOMF and it's available for many, many platforms. Best of all, you can play One Must Fall for free with OpenOMF, as the game was declared freeware in 1999.

Install and start OpenOMF

  • Download the Windows files of OpenOMF; for 32 bits Windows, for 64 bits Windows
  • Extract the downloaded zip file into an empty folder of choice, for example d:\games, you will end up with d:\games\openomf-0.x.x-winxx
  • Download the original game (omf2097.rar) and extract the rar file with WinRAR or 7Zip into the resources folder of OpenOMF, in this example d:\games\openomf-0.x.x-winxx\resources
  • Start the game by double clicking the d:\games\openomf-0.x.x-winxx\openomf.exe file

Configure OpenOMF

When the game has started, you will see the main menu.

One Must Fall 2097 configurarion.
  • Move the cursor with the arrow keys, select configuration and press enter
  • You can change the keys by selecting player 1 input or player 2 input
    • Please note when changing keys: you can only navigate through the menu with the configured keys. To select a menu item, use either the configured punch or kick key!
    • When you choose left keyboard, the keys will be:
      • Up, down, left, right: w, s, a, d
      • Punch: left shift
      • Kick: left CTRL
    • One Must Fall 2097 fight!When you choose right keyboard, the keys will be:
      • Up, down, left, right: arrow keys
      • Punch: Enter
      • Kick: Right Shift
    • When you choose custom keyboard, you can change the keys the way you like
  • You can change video settings by selecting video options and press enter
    • Change resolution to make the game window larger or smaller
    • Set VSync to on
    • Set full screen to on to swith to full screen
    • Choose done to apply changes

What about high resolution graphics?

Apparently, there is a plugin which enables hardware scaling of the graphics. When the plugin is installed, you can change the scaling in the menu. We haven't been able to find a compiled version of the plugin. Without this plugin the OpenOMF project hasn't much advantages over DOSBox.