PowerSlave / Exhumed on Windows 10.PowerSlave, also known as Exhumed, was a successful game on the Sega Saturn and the Playstation. The MS-DOS version was much less popular, partly due to its shortcomings compared to the Sega and Playstation versions. Fortunately for us, a remake of the game called PowerSlave EX has been released in 2015, which is based on the console version. So if you've never had the chance to play Exhumed a.k.a. PowerSlave on console, here's your chance to get a taste! It works on Windows 11, Windows 10, and older.

Download PowerSlave / Exhumed

  • Download PowerSlave EX
  • Extract the downloaded file with 7Zip to a folder of choice, for example d:\games. You'll end up with d:\games\Powerslave EX v.1.0.0 + patch v.1.0.1\
  • Copy d:\games\Powerslave EX v.1.0.0 + patch v.1.0.1\powerslave_ex_patch_1_0_1\anubis.exe to d:\games\Powerslave EX v.1.0.0 + patch v.1.0.1\powerslave_ex_public_beta_1_0_0\powerslave_ex\ and allow to overwrite
  • When you feel like it, also visit the developer's website (no downloads there though)

Start PowerSlave EX

  • Start the game by double clicking the anubis.exe file. In this example you find the file in d:\games\Powerslave EX v.1.0.0 + patch v.1.0.1\ powerslave_ex_public_beta_1_0_0\ powerslave_ex\anubis.exe
  • Don't hesitate to move the powerslave_ex folder to your games folder :-)

Configure PowerSlave EX

  • Click on Options in the main menu
  • Click on Graphics
  • Increase the Video resolution by clicking the left yellow arrow
  • Set Windowed to Off if you want to play in full screen mode
  • Set all the other options to On
  • Remember you have to restart the game if you changed resolution or the windowed option!