Quake 1 on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP with high resolutionHere you can find instructions how to play Quake with the ezQuake engine.

Basic needs

  • You need at least version 1.06 of Quake, thus version 1.01 needs to be patched
  • Install or unzip Quake to an empty folder, for example c:\games\quake
  • You can delete all files except the ID1 folder

Installation of the ezQuake engine

  • Download the ezQuake installer file (ezquake_win32_2.1.exe)
  • Save the file in a temporary folder
  • Double click the installer file
  • Choose to install ezQuake into the Quake folder c:\games\quake

Start and configure ezQuake

  • Start ezQuake by double clicking the ezquake-gl.exe file in the c:\games\quake folder
  • Check settings by clicking Options
  • Check graphics settings by selecting the Graphics tab in the Options menu

    • At Presets, set GFX Presets to High Eyecandy
  • Check video settings by selecting the System tab in the Options menu

    • Set Advanced Options to On
    • At Video, set Anisotrophy Filter to 16 and Quality Mode to High
    • At Screen Settings, set resolution to desired setting, set Wide Aspect to On if you have a wide screen, set Vertical Sync to On, remember to press Apply Changes if you change the screen settings!
  • Save your settings by selecting the Config tab and choose Save Settings
  • Return to the main menu with esc and start Quake!