Rise of the Triad (ROTT): a recap

Rise of the TriadI'm sure you remember this one. Although it was "yet another 3D game" back in the days (it began its life as the sequel to Wolfenstein 3D) it had some pretty cool features. There were platforms that catapulted you in the air, so you could reach high parts of the level. You had the dual pistols which looked really bad-ass. And there were some really impressive explosions.

Play Rise of the Triad again!

Being a DOS game, it plays fine with DOSBox. There's also a source port (WinROTT), but we've never managed to get that one running in a stable manner. Too bad. Luckily, the game is re-released. Download it, install it, and play Rise of the Triad again on Windows 11 and Windows 10, MacOSX and Linux without any hassle!

Rise of the Triad reboot: 2013

There's also a new version of Rise of the Triad released in 2013. Download it now!