Installing and playing System Shock from original disk or CD

System Shock Enhanced Edition.Back in 1994, System Shock was one of those games that motivated you to upgrade your PC with RAM, a new video card or processor. Or all of those combined. A first person horror shooter with puzzle and RPG elements, which potentially scared the crap out of you. If you still have an original copy of System Shock, you can install and play System Shock with DOSBox. If you have the CD-ROM, you can use our DOSBox CD tutorial which explains how to install System Shock from CD.

System Shock Enhanced Edition

For those who don't have a copy of the original game, or those who don't want to dive into DOSBox, there's good news. In 2015 an enhanced version of System Shock has been released, which installs and runs immediately on your Windows 11 or Windows 10 computer. Furthermore it has improved resolution settings, improved item management, mouselook, and it includes the original disk and CD version of the game.

Download System Shock Enhanced Edition

Very reasonably priced, you can download your copy of System Shock Enhanced Edition. It has a modern installer and when installed, it runs excellent on systems with Windows 11 and Windows 10.

System Shock, the 2023 remake

Released in 2023, the remake of System Shock has a new interface, new graphics and completely new music and sounds. Fans from the original game will be surprised. This is the ultimate remake.

Get System Shock the remake now!