Play Tyrian with OpenTyrian on Windows 10.Tyrian is one of those memorable DOS shooters from 1995. Released as freeware in 2004, you can download the original game for free. Tyrian is a DOS game and therefore perfectly playable with DOSBox. There are however some alternatives to play Tyrian directly on Windows 11 and Windows 10.

Play Tyrian with OpenTyrian

OpenTyrian is a software project which ports DOS version 2.1 to Windows and adds some nice graphics options as well. Released in 2007, this version runs wonderful and fast on the latest Windows systems.

  • Download OpenTyrian (the file)
  • Copy the contents of the downloaded zip file to a folder of choice, for example d:\games. You'll end up with d:\games\opentyrian.
  • Run the game by double clicking opentyrian.exe
  • Check the graphics settings by choosing OpenTyrian in the main menu
    • If you use full screen, you can only use scaler 4x and hq4x
    • In windowed mode, choose scaler 4x or hq4x for the largest window
    • For a retro feel, choose 2x, 3x or 4x
    • For a modern feel, choose hq2x, hq3x or hq4x

Play Tyrian 2000

Released in 1999, this final version 3.0 of Tyrian has some bugs fixed and includes an additional fifth episode. hosts Tyrian 2000, which can be directly installed and played on Windows 10, 8 and Windows 7.