Graphical User Interface for DOSBox

A frontend for DOSBox is a program that lets you configure DOSBox and start games with DOSBox within a grapical user interface (GUI) that runs on Windows. You can also maintain a list of your favorite DOS games and start them with a simple mouse click! We have reviewed a lot of these programs and two were selected. One basic and one very comprehensive frontend.


This is a very basic frontend. It lets you manage your DOS games by putting them in a list to start them from there. Configuration of DOSBox is not possible (apart from the fullscreen switch, but you also could use the alt+enter keys), so you have to edit the dosbox.conf file manually. If that's ok with you, this is quite a handy tool.

Project website:

D-Fend Reloaded

This frontend is very comprehensive. DOSBox is included with D-Fend Reloaded, but you can use your own copy of DOSBox as well (with its configuration). It takes some time to figure out how to manage your DOS games. To launch a game, you need to create a profile for that game. Within that profile you can set the program file and path for the game or program and configure DOSBox. However, this configuration applies to that profile only. If you want to re-use settings for other profiles (like resolution, rendering etc), you could create a template, edit one of the existing templates or edit multiple profiles at once. Please note that the automatically created profile of some games don't have sound activated by default for some reason. You can activate sound by editing the profile.

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