blueMSX MSX emulator

blueMSX emulator with DIGIBlue Suite-X2 theme.Although not updated recently, the latest version of the blueMSX emulator is suitable for Windows 11 or Windows 10 operating systems.

  • Latest version 2.8.2 (14 aug 2009)
  • Works on Windows 11, Windows 10 and older (32 and 64 bits)
  • Emulates MSX, MSX2 and MSX2+ machines, as well as ColecoVision and certain SEGA computers
  • Supports several file formats like .DSK, .CAS, .COL, .ROM, .MX1, and .MX2 files (either zipped with zip or unzipped).
  • Project website

Play MSX games with blueMSX on Windows 11 and Windows 10

So, what to do to play MSX games such as Metal Gear with blueMSX?

  • Download blueMSX (zip file without installer,
  • Copy the contents of the zip file to an empty folder of choice
  • Create a folder "Games" in the folder where you've copied the blueMSX files
  • Download an MSX 2 game, for example Metal Gear
  • Copy the zip file to the games folder you've created

  • Start blueMSX by double clicking the blueMSX.exe file
  • Choose correct machine to emulate at Options - Emulation - General section (in this case MSX2+)
  • Load a game file with File - Cartridge Slot 1 - Insert and choose your game

When a game doesn't start

It's possible that you're trying to insert your virtual rom or disk into the wrong virtual machine, or you need another version of the selected machine (for example the Korean version).

  • Change to the correct machine at Options - Emulation - General section
  • If the right file is loaded, press F9 to start it

It's also possible that a game file of a different type is loaded. For example, when you have loaded a cassette file (.CAS) and you want to load a rom file (.MX1) after that, you'll have to disconnect the cassette file first.

  • Disconnect the cassette file with File - Cassette - Eject