Play Space Cadet on Windows 11 and Windows 10 again!

Full Tilt Pinball: Space CadetRemember that pinball game that was included with the Windows 95 Plus package? Also other successive versions of Windows like 2000, ME and XP all included that pinball game Space Cadet. Guess what? This pinball game is part of a package called Full Tilt Pinball. Besides Space Cadet, it also includes Dragon's Keep and Skulduggery, which are more advanced pinball tables. You can play those games just fine on your latest 64 bits Windows operating system, by running the game executables (cadet.exe, dragon.exe and pirates.exe). As long as you're using the WIN95 (win32) version. If you do so, the window of the game will look pretty buggy. Federico Dossena has found a solution for that. Since his own guide on how to install and run Full Tilt Pinball on Windows 10 is pretty straight forward and very easy to follow, we're just going to link to his website.

Play Full Tilt Pinball again on Windows 11 and Windows 10!