Installing and playing Myst game from original CD

Myst on Windows 7 and Windows 8.If you have the original Myst CD, installing and playing Myst on 64 bits Windows 10 will be a lost cause. Myst has a 16 bits installer and won't install on a 64 bits system. Compatibility mode doesn't work. However, we've managed to install the game in both Windows 7 XP Mode and VirtualBox (with guest additions installed). When starting Myst, it rendered an error: Myst requires a 256-color palettized display driver. We haven't found a way to fix that; the emulated video cards of both VirtualBox and XP Mode apparently aren't recognized by the Myst program. You may have more luck with the Myst Masterpiece Edition which was released in 2000.

Download Myst

You can also save yourself a lot of trouble and visit For a very humble fee, you can download a copy of Myst from Copy protection is removed, it has a modern installer and when installed, it runs fine on 64 bits Windows 10. Awesome!

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