Another classic, released in 1998 for the Windows 95/98 operating system. Although the original and unpatched Unreal or Unreal Gold game probably runs fine on modern operating systems like Windows 11 or Windows 10, it is highly recommended to update the game with the latest patch. This also enables you to use high resolution textures.

Unreal standard resolution.   Unreal 227 with high resolution.
Unreal 227 with standard textures   Unreal 227 with high resolution textures

Basic needs

  • Install the original Unreal or Unreal Gold game (including the Return to Na Pali expansion pack)
  • Don't have the game? Download Unreal Gold now!

Update the game

  • Unreal Classic
    • Download the latest official patch (UnrealPatch226Final.exe) here and install it
    • Download the latest community patch (UnrealClassicPatch227i) here and install it
  • Unreal Gold (includes Return to Na Pali)
    • Download the latest community patch (UnrealGoldPatch227i) here and install it

High resolution textures

  • Make a copy of the Textures folder in the Unreal game folder to preserve the original textures (this folder will be called Textures - Copy if you copy and paste it in Windows explorer)
  • Download all high resolution texture packs here
  • Extract the contents of all downloaded texture zip files into the Textures folder of Unreal

Start and configure the game

  • Unreal Classic
    • When you start Unreal Classic 227i for the first time, run through the setup wizard and choose the OpenGL or Direct3D9 renderer for the best results
    • In the game, press Esc and choose Audio/Video
    • If necessary, choose the correct resolution at Select resolution
    • Set Texture detail to High
    • Set Curvy meshes to True
    • Set Cast shadows to True
    • Set Deco shadows to True
    • Set Realistic shadows to HighRes
  • Unreal Gold
    • When you start Unreal Gold 227i for the first time, run through the setup wizard and choose OpenGL Support at the first step, and OpenAL 3D audio at the second step, keep clicking Next and finally Run
    • In the game, press Esc, click on Options and choose Preferences
    • Set Resolution to the resolution of your screen
    • Set Texture detail and Skin detail to High
    • Tick all checkboxes
    • Set Pawn shadows to Realtime high res